Jiangmen Dongxu Metal Materials Co., Ltd

Guangdong Jiangmen Dongxu Metal Materials Co., Ltd., after more than ten years of efforts and development, has established its processing plants "Jiangmen Pengjiang district ASEAN stainless steel processing center" and "Jiangmen Jiangming stainless steel materials Co., Ltd." -- it is an enterprise integrating the production, processing and sales of raw materials for stainless steel (roll) plate. Founded in August 2006, the company was rated as a local "A-level tax paying enterprise" in 2015, 2016 and 2018 respectively. Jiangming company passed the certification of "Guangdong high-tech enterprise" in 2018 and passed the ISO9000 international system certification.

The head office and its subordinate companies have become a comprehensive enterprise of stainless steel plate (roll), stainless steel surface oil sanding (snowflake sand), stainless steel surface wire drawing (straight grain sand), stainless steel surface anti fingerprint (color, natural color oil), stainless steel mirror light rolling and flat grinding (8K, 12K), stainless steel strip straight series supporting processing, stainless steel raw material sales.

The main production, sales and processing of various stainless steel materials: stainless steel plate, coil, strip, stainless steel spring, stainless steel pipe, etc. Materials: SUS316, 316L, 321, 304, 304L, 201, 202, 443, 430, 409, 410 series and other materials. The products are suitable for the industry; electronics, electrical appliances, sink, kitchenware, hardware, bathroom, pipe making, machinery, containers and other fields that need stainless steel. The thickness of the materials sold ranges from 0.15 mm to 30.0 mm, the strip width from 3.5 mm to 1500 mm, and the hardness of the materials includes eh, h, 3 / 4h, 1 / 2H and 1 / 4H.

The slitting production line of "Jiangmen ASEAN stainless steel processing center" adopts imported tool holder, the slitting accuracy can reach 0.01mm, and the narrow product width can be divided into 3.5mm. There is no burr and sickle bending on the edge. Is the welded pipe industry, hardware and electrical industry suppliers.

The machining center is flat, the production line has flat plate, no burr on the knife edge, and the diagonal accuracy can be less than 0.2mm. The servo motor made in Japan is used to control the length of shear plate. The air support stack is adopted for the material receiving, and the pneumatic flapping mode is adopted for both front and rear sides. The stacking plate is neat and will not cause Scratch and other quality phenomena to the plate.

The oil mill (snowflake sand, ruled sand) production line of the machining center is produced by frequency conversion 3000 multi speed motor. The surface of the oil mill snowflake sand, ruled sand and stainless steel is not only smooth, pressure free, fine grain, but also colorful. Rolling plate grinding and plate grinding can be carried out as required.

The stainless steel surface anti fingerprint (color, transparent natural color oil) of the processing center adopts constant temperature and constant speed control, full-automatic rolling plate oiling production. The oiling rubber roller adopts three continuous coating anti fingerprint (oiling) processing method, which can realize the rolling plate and flat plate oiling processing, and produce in dust-free workshop. The steel plate can pass the hundred grid knife scratch adhesion test and 240 hours salt spray test. The surface is bright, the oil layer is even and smooth, the oil quality is obvious, and the surface is free of impurities.

The production line of stainless steel mirror grinding and flat grinding (8K, 12K) in the machining center can produce 8K products without grinding head lines and sand holes. The grinding head of automatic mirror polishing production line is equipped. The production line meets the requirements of environmental protection. Automatic manipulator up and down plate processing operation. The 8K and 12K products have no grinding head and pitting. It can realize plate rolling direct processing and plate processing.

The single manual grinding 12K production line can completely and locally polish the surface of 2B and BA stainless steel, and the quality can reach the effect of 8K and 12K. It is the choice of elevator board, bathroom shower and other industries with mirror light demand.

Jiangmen Jiangming stainless steel material Co., Ltd, With sheet metal, laser cutting, metal stamping, metal products lifting, special-shaped hardware processing, the company has imported accessories laser cutting machine, fine numerical control plate shearing machine, CNC automatic bending machine, oil pressure lifting machine and automatic punching machine. The company has long-term cooperation with many large domestic enterprises, with a long-term stock of more than 2000 tons, which can be delivered on the same day and delivered to your door. The company strives to serve new and old customers with quality and price.

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