Difference between 8K mirror stainless steel and 12K mirror stainless steel

2020-11-14 09:44:20

Difference between 8K mirror stainless steel and 12K mirror stainless steel

The common mirror stainless steel is also extended to 8K, 10K, 12K, etc. due to the different fineness required by customers, and it is "defined" that the larger the number, the higher the fineness of the mirror surface. 6K refers to the mirror panel with rough grinding and polishing, and its efficiency is slightly worse than that of mirror; 10K refers to fine grinding and polishing mirror panel, which is comparable with ordinary mirror; and 12K refers to ultra precision grinding and polishing mirror panel, which can satisfy optical application.

Mirror stainless steel plate is a popular decoration material. It can be said that in addition to the frosted plate, the sales volume of stainless steel plate after row is king, which is widely sought after by consumers. But as a large number of mirror stainless steel plate gradually into the market, its quality has become uneven.


Stainless steel mirror panel is a kind of stainless steel plate with initial surface such as Ba, 2b or No.1 by mirror polishing method, which is similar to mirror surface (scientific name: 8K mirror or No.8). The surface of stainless steel plate is polished and ground with grinding fluid through polishing equipment to make the surface as bright and clear as a mirror. Generally, it can be divided into two types: normal grinding and fine grinding 8K. The stainless steel surface can also be finely polished to achieve the effect of 10K or above. At the same time, we can adopt the unique technology to process the stainless steel both sides in 8K or 10K or 12K to ensure no scratch, sand hole, grinding hair and watermark.

Source: Jiangmen ultra fine 8K stainless steel http://www.jmdxbxg.com/index.html

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