Machining accuracy error of laser cutting machine

2020-11-14 09:44:20

The processing effect of the laser cutting machine is actually very good, so we can use the laser cutting machine for processing operation. However, after the laser cutting machine is used for a period of time, many factors will cause the processing accuracy of the laser cutting machine to decline. Do you know about the processing accuracy error of the laser cutting machine?

The machining accuracy of laser cutting machine is the main specification parameter used to measure the quality of machine tools in the industry at present. In the process of equipment sales, the sales personnel will have a detailed description of the processing functions of the products. Among them, the processing accuracy of laser cutting machines is mostly within the error range of 0.5mm. Of course, a small number of manufacturers provide laser cutting machines with processing accuracy up to 0.3mm error In terms of cutting accuracy, there is still a certain error range, which is what we call the processing standard.

The processing of laser cutting machine is based on the planning of enterprise cutting drawings, and the general cutting drawings of parts have clearly marked public service areas and values. Considering that the positions of service belts of cutting parts cannot be common, in the practical cutting process, it may be necessary to eliminate the above service areas through various technological methods.

In the programming of laser cutting machine, if the methods and skills are used properly, it is of great significance to ensure and improve the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools. Many dimensions of parts are marked with public service, and the orientation of public service belt is impossible to be common. However, the NC program is usually compiled according to the outline of the part, that is, according to the basic dimension of the part. In this way, even if the accuracy of CNC machine tool is very high, the parts processed may not meet the requirements of its standard service.


In terms of processing methods and methods, the radius compensation method can be first considered to compensate the influence of cutting public service. This kind of method is relatively simple for practical cutting operation. The detailed idea is still to program and perform in the control system of laser cutting machine according to the basic dimension of the parts, that is, calculate and program according to the basic dimension of the parts, use the same turning tool to process all external circles, and Different tool radius compensation values should be selected when the dimensions of service belt orientation are different. In this way, we must know the radius of the tool tip first (the machining track of this part is parallel to the x-axis and z-axis, so we don't need to know the radius of the tool tip arc), so it is not convenient to use and can only be applied to some CNC systems.

The above-mentioned processing methods may be relatively messy in the later cutting operation. It is also feasible to modify the size of the cutting pieces according to the requirements of the drawings in the early stage of cutting, so as to eliminate the influence of the public service area. The detailed idea is to change the basic scale and the orientation of the public service zone; In the aspect of performance, it is to adjust the basic dimension and the orientation of service belt on the premise that the limit dimension of parts remains unchanged.

Generally, it is adjusted according to the symmetrical public service belt. Programming according to the adjusted basic scale, so that the same turning tool and the same tool compensation value (in this case, the machining track is parallel to the x-axis and z-axis, so the machining accuracy can be ensured. Of course, if the parts have to finish machining (such as finish grinding), in order to ensure sufficient grinding allowance, the basic dimension can also be slightly increased (at this time, the utility belt will be asymmetric).

Source: Jiangmen laser cutting

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